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Collaborative Discovery

Automatically share and get notified
of discoveries as they unfold via our
crowd-source knowledge engine.

Semantic Lab book

Lab books, publications, videos, images,
spreadsheets, CSVs. All usefully stored
for you to access and others to discover.

DNA Design

Access and Edit DNA - the software
of life, from any web browser using
our desktop-class Open Source app.

What's New

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Synbiota #ScienceHack 2014 is the first ever Open Distributed Genetic Engineering event that enables hundreds of scientists of all skill levels to participate in a real research endeavour. Participate for science, education or helping humanity. Learn More!

Trailblazer Scholarships

We're disrupting old science by offering scholarships to scientists who challenge the status quo of how scientific information is stored, organized and shared. Current methods just don’t cut it, and the future of science depends on access to data and extensibility of research.

Apply, and help science evolve. Contact Synbiota to learn more.