Rainbow Factory (Teaching Lab Edition)


Learn or teach the basics of synthetic biology through building a DNA program (plasmid) from DNA parts, inserting it into a bacteria (transformation), and growing those bacteria (incubation). This Kit includes DNA Parts that result in the expression of colour pigments and other DNA parts that allow for antibiotic selection.

The DNA parts are among a growing list that are based on the Rapid DNA Prototyping 3.0 (RDP 3.0) standard. More of which will become available.

The Teaching Lab Edition comes with enough DNA for 30 reactions and generally students can work in groups of up to 4 (120 students)

This kit provides you with:

  • Pink, Purple, and Teal colour producing RDP parts with constitutive promoters (total 30 reactions)
  • Backbone parts with chloramphenicol resistance and a high copy origin of replication (30 reactions)
  • (+) control plasmid (30 reactions)
  • Transformation buffer for colony transformation protocol (45 reactions)
  • Recovery media for the transformation (45 reactions)
  • Chloramphenicol for 400 mL LB agar

Consumables/reagents you'll still need:

  • DNA Ligase (e.g. Biobasic: B1445)
  • Microcentrifuge tubes for the ligation and transformation reactions
  • Pipet/tips for 5 uL, 50 uL, and 300 uL volumes
  • Petri dishes (6 cm is recommended)
  • LB agar