RDP Paint Can™


RDP Paint Can™ is a Bacterial Paint Kit that uses Synbiota's Rapid DNA Prototyping™ technology to create colorful, safe, non-pathogenic bacteria for art, education, and experimentation that can be used in classrooms, kitchens, and garages.

RDP Paint Can™ comes with everything you need to safely paint and grow colorful bacteria:

  • Bacterial growth media (LB Agar)
  • 2 Petri dishes
  • 3 Cotton swab paint brushes
  • Colorful bacteria
  • Distilled water
  • Antibiotic selection pill
  • Rubber gloves

Kit Instructions:

  1. Put on gloves.
  2. Make bacteria food: (a) get the sterile water (bottle), agar powder (clear lid) & antibiotic capsule (white lid) (b) Remove lid from water bottle. (c) Microwave for 45s (boil). Careful its hot! (d) remove lid & add agar powder (clear lid). (e) Tighten lid & mix until there are no solid clumps. (f) Let stand 1 minute. (g) Add antibiotic capsule (white lid) until capsule is dissolved. (h) Get dishes, remove lids and set it aside. (i) Pour molten agar into dishes (3/4 full). (j) Partially cove dishes with lids & let stand for 20 minutes to let agar solidify.
  3. Painting Time! (a) Remove bacteria (Red, Blue, or Green tubes) from plastic bag along with the cotton swab paint brushes. (b) Remove lids of bacteria & gently insert paint brush into tube & gently swab bacteria on the surface of the growth agar in tubes. (c) Using your dishes as your canvas, draw whatever you desire. **when you are finished using a paint brush, put it in the original plastic bag, not on the table. This will keep the bacteria contained.
  4. Incubation Time! a) put dishes (your canvas) into incubation bag, zip it closed, place it in warm dark area that is 30-40 C (85-105 F). (b) wait 24-72 hours to see your living canvas grow. **pro-secret- the Red and Green bacteria glow under a black light**
  5. Share! (a) Take pictures of your creations & tweet them @Synbiota and #Synbiota on Instagram.
  6. Clean up. Make bleach solution (1 cup bleach + 1 litre/quart water) - drop the canvases, tubes (with lids off), & paint brushes, gloves, & plastic bags (open) into bleach solution. Let it stand for 24 hours. Flush bleach & water down toilet, place the plastic items in the trash can.