Sarin Gas Biosensor

Created on September 16, 2013
Last updated on November 04, 2014 - 12:05PM


Everyone around the world should have cheap and easy access to tools to make sure their environment is safe, and to have rock-solid scientific evidence about whether harmful agents such as nerve gas is being used.

Group members are applying biological, open-access science, crowd sourcing, and electrochemistry methods to create technology to inexpensively detect Sarin Gas and other nerve agents: to identify key methods that harness biotechnology (biosensors) to increase access to Sarin Gas detection in developing nations and around the world for minimal cost.

Note that many nerve agents are similar to pesticides and so this project also has applicability to detecting harmful pesticides to prevent ecological harm.

Can we use: Electrochemical biosensors? Genetic-circuit-based biosensors? Plant-based biosensors?

Feel free to request to join this project if you have science, business, logistics, and/or electronics (software/hardware) experience and want to help make the world a safer place!

1) Weekly Google Hangouts happen on Sunday afternoons (ET) to to keep the project moving and facilitate active (& remote) discussion.

2) There are currently two collaborative entries running: i) "Project overview"; ii) "Potential supplies to order"

Keywords: DIY biology; do-it-yourself biology; open-access science; electrochemistry; enzymes; synthetic biology; cheapstat; potentiostat; chronoamperometry